By Chris, founder:


''I experienced first hand how difficult it is dealing with traditional home help arrangements via an agency. My Dad suddenly became ill and we needed to have home carers ourselves to help us look after him. The agency was actually really good but we didn’t get to choose the carers who came into our home, they were just randomly selected based on who was closest to our house at the times required. This meant a lot of different faces coming to our door every day when ideally we would have had a select few who we knew would care and support our Dad as we wanted. Instead we had to repeat everything every day and it wasn’t easy for the carers either. We were just one tick box in a long list of client visits they had for that day. They were rushed and often stressed because the agencies they worked for had so many clients to serve. With CareBIG each carer manages their own schedule and we don’t allow visits of less than 1 hour. We don’t want rushed personal care visits, we want them taking the time to do things properly.

I started to think about a different way of arranging home help which gave choice back to the family members. Where you get to choose your care worker and build a better relationship with them. They can understand your needs better and know where everything is and learn how you like things done. This means everything is much quicker and straightforward to do. They know where the bedrooms, toilets, towels, tea bags, medications are found. They know names and numbers and it just helps to take away the stress for all concerned.''

Chris’s mum was a carer and he had grew up hearing about her experiences working in care services and how much she loved the job. Being a carer is really hard and it’s not fair that they receive such low pay for the fantastic role they play in keeping families together longer. We insist on a minimum hourly rate of £10 for our carers because we recognise their efforts and we want to encourage more people to take up a caring role, instead of leaving to do something else.

''Likewise we want to keep the cost of homecare down as local council & agency home care costs are really expensive and we recognise more affordable home care is needed. At CareBIG we have managed to bring the cost of home care down significantly yet pay the carers a fair rate.''

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