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Respite care explained

Everyone who looks after a loved one knows how hard it can be. Being there for someone else often means neglecting yourself or other relationships. It’s so important to make sure you take a break, and know its ok to do so. A big part of this is knowing in your absence everything is still ticking along like clockwork. With respite care someone else takes over your caring duties, meaning you can catch up with everything else that needs your time and attention or just take a well-deserved rest!

Caring for someone is mentally and physically very demanding. Add to this the emotional roller coaster and it’s easy to see how family carers can feel exhausted. There are several types of respite options available which you can research in your local area which may provide that much needed time to yourself:

Volunteer care sitters

Some charities and carers organisations offer free sitting services where a DBS checked trained volunteer keeps your loved one company for a few hours each day. Try Age UK or the Royal Voluntary Service (RVS).

Paid carers

A paid carer can visit and take a lot of the strain from you and your family. This could mean giving personal care and getting them up and dressed or making meals and sitting with them for a few hours whilst you do something else. Alternatively, a live-in carer can move into the spare room and give up to 10 hours of support a day.

Short residential stay in a care home

Some care homes offer short term respite stays. You may need to book well in advance which can be appropriate if you are going away on holiday. To find local care homes you can visit the NHS website to find those with nursing and without nursing depending on your needs.

Day care centres

These are great for those who don’t often get the chance to get out and socialise, do some activities and have some fun. These range from dancing, singing, games and arts and crafts. They will often pick up and drop off for a charge. Contact your local council for more information here or ask Age UK.

We hope you found this information helpful. When looking after someone else it's important you take time for yourself. We know, we've been there. If you care for someone and live in Leeds, you can contact Carers Leeds for advice and support on 0113 380 4300. Alternatively, you can visit the Carers Leeds website. They will ask out about your situation before advising how they can help and what options are available.

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