Physical Disability Home Care

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Access the right disability home care in Leeds

Requiring physical disability home care should not prevent you from leading the life you want. People living with the same disability may have different capabilities just like anyone else so it’s really important to have person centred care tailored to your needs. It may be a disability from birth or be acquired later in life and the impact severity on someone’s life can vary dramatically.

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What can a CareBIG carer do to help?

We have carers on our platform experienced with all types of disabilities and by choosing a carer with CareBIG you get to choose a carer who is a good match for your lifestyle. They will adapt their care and support to suit you as they share our strong values around empowerment and encouraging personal choice. You can use the filters to choose someone with similar interests with the characteristics you look for.

A CareBIG carer can help you

Keep on top of your responsibilities

This can be everything from going to work to staying independent at home.

Stay active

Helping you to get out and about. Going to the gym or just a walk around the park.

Stay connected

It’s important to stay in touch with family and friends and also reach out to the support services on offer in your community. Provide personal care, you might need assistance to make appointments or just help to get around.

Maintain a routine

From getting up and going to bed and everything in between.

Stay on top of things

This can be organising the bills to domestic chores to help keep a home clean and tidy.

Specialised carers

Here are some of our carers who are experienced in physical disability care based in your area

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