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What to look out for when choosing your perfect home carer?
Here at CareBIG we get asked this quite a lot. Particularly by those looking for care services for the first time or by those not happy with their current home help. Perhaps they never considered needing a home carer but because of a sudden change in circumstance with themselves or a loved one, then now need extra support to remain independent at home.

So when the time does come, what is it that makes a good carer? We only let around one in ten carers who come in for an interview onto the CareBIG website so we are familiar with what makes a good carer. Here are our tips on what to look out for….and every CareBIG carer has these qualities…..

1: Look for passionate carers.

A carer who’s desire to care for others shines through. They are proud of their chosen path and they cannot see themselves doing anything else. We’ve been so lucky to meet so many passionate people it really brightens up our day and it will be the same for you. You need a carer who is enthusiastic about helping you to remain independent at home.

2: A great carer is someone you can trust.

Having someone in your own home is not always easy especially at first. Trust is something you only really feel over time but having the same carer with CareBIG means you can build that trust. They will build this trust by being reliable and showing respect for you, your possessions and your privacy.

3: A carer really listens.

They respect you and your choice. They empower you to be the best you can be. Homecare is about helping you to remain independent in your own home. A good carer will help you to do this and listen to how you want to live your life. They won’t take over but instead listen to how you want something done and then discuss the safest way to achieve it.

4: Find someone you get on with.

The CareBIG profiles don’t just tell you about where the home carer lives and when they are available. They also show a carer's hobbies and personality. It’s important you get on with your carer and you have things in common or perhaps they do something you want to learn. It’s important to feel comfortable telling your carer how you feel and choosing someone you get on with really helps. 
5: They are empathetic.

A great home carer cares for your situation and tries to understand your situation and how you feel. They don’t judge because they have a caring nature and their focus is making you happy in your own home. We always look for carers who really care about other people and show great empathy skills during our recruitment process.