Nice and easy

CareBIG is a new way of finding a home carer so not surprisingly we get asked “How Does it work?” all the time. Firstly we find the very best carers and screen them just like a traditional home care agency would. This means interviews, references, DBS and Identification checks.

We also ensure they are all set up as self-employed. Only when everything is in place can they create a profile on the CareBIG website. The profiles show their picture and location, their care services and availability, their qualifications, training and hobbies. You can search for a locally screened home carer by going to our search for a carer page.

Require care at home?

Once you have looked through the various home carer profiles you can then decide who you want to message. Each carer profile has a message button you can press in-order to send them a private message. You can discuss your needs in more detail or perhaps just ask them any questions you have. You can arrange to meet them once you are confident you wish to get to know them better. We recommend meeting carers in person so you can be sure you get along, that they understand your needs and are confident they can meet them.

Once you have met the carers in person you are then in a position to decide who you would like to provide your personal care. We always suggest having at least two care assistants in case one is on holiday or unwell. This means you will be familiar with them and they will be familiar with you in the case of an emergency.

All CareBIG carers are self-employed so you do not have to worry about National Insurance or holiday pay. You only pay for the hours they work at the rate specified on their profile. They will complete a weekly timesheet and ask you to authorise it before sending it to CareBIG. We will then invoice you for the amount owed. Once your payment has cleared, carers are then paid weekly in arrears. You have a guide within your care seeker dashboard which explains in more detail the invoice process, but it’s really simple and straightforward.

The main advantages of CareBIG are, it’s far more cost effective than an agency. Our typical carer hourly rates start at £12 per hour. You pay for care when you need it and you get to choose the right carer for you and your family. Plus they get to choose you, meaning both parties are doing something they want to do. We think this makes for a better working relationship. Although cheaper for you it also means better pay for carers as our commission is only 20%. All carers earn a minimum of £10 ph. Because they are getting fairly paid they are happier in their work.