Sainburys Help Employee With Early Onset Dementia

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early onset dementia

It’s not often employers who have reasonable grounds to let you go take every step possible to keep you there. But that’s exactly what Sainsbury’s did for Doron Salomon’s mum. Having been a book-keeper she was always good with numbers and enjoyed being really organised. However a diagnosis for early onset dementia whilst still in her 50s, seen her take a role at Sainsbury’s gathering together goods for online orders.

As the disease progressed it meant performing her job got really difficult and eventually, her own Doctor proclaimed her unemployable. Many employers would have taken a similar view. Sainsbury’s however, decided to re-train her and took the time to remind her of the tasks involved. When she could no longer do it, they found something else she could do. It meant she could keep a familiar routine and helped keep her active in the community for longer. She could maintain her quality of life when living with dementia.

For over 6 months Soloman’s dad was asked to come into the store, each time thinking he would be asked to take her home. Instead, they wanted to learn more about her condition and what they could do to help. They continued to keep her employed and she continued to enjoy her job. Listening to his dad meant they could adapt to her changing condition and give her what additional help she needed.

No Matter what role Sainsbury’s gave her they kept her job title the same.

Finally her last day at work came, and with it, Soloman says, “a sense of emotion and relief. Senior management has acted with compassion and handled everything with class and dignity.”

Without the extra support from Sainsbury’s, her ability to enjoy going to work and interacting with colleagues and customers would not have been possible. Their efforts deserve recognition. Why? Because It shows a company with real values and that’s something customers really believe in.

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