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If you or a person you love is becoming increasingly forgetful, particularly if you are over 65 it may be time to tell your doctor who can discuss the early signs of dementia. Hearing the word dementia can be quite frightening but it affects everyone in different ways. It’s not just about memory, it can affect the way you behave, think, talk and feel.

Dementia is not a disease but rather a description of a group of symptoms associated with ongoing decline of brain functioning. Common types of dementia include Alzheimer's disease and Vascular dementia.

Caring for a loved one who is living with dementia can prove challenging as the person struggles to remember things, think clearly, communicate with others and look after themselves.

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Although dementia impacts everyone differently, common early symptoms include:

  • Memory problems, particularly short term memory remembering recent events
  • Increasing confusion
  • Reduced concentration
  • Personality or behaviour changes
  • Apathy and withdrawal or depression
  • Loss of ability to do everyday tasks


Adopt a positive mood

Have a positive attitude and communicate this with your facial expressions, demeanour and the tone of your voice. Speaking in a pleasant and respectful manner will increase the chance of the listener being more receptive to what you are saying.

Speak slowly and clearly

Use simple words and short sentences using names to keep it familiar and avoid the use of (he, she, they).

Ask simple clear questions

Ask one question at a time with yes or no answers if possible. Keep choices to a minimum, “Would you like to wear your blue coat today?” is preferable to “which coat do you want to wear?”.

Break down tasks into steps

This will make them much easier. Always encourage them to do what they can and assist when needed. Reminding them of the steps as you go in a friendly positive tone.

Distract, don't argue

If they say something you don’t agree with don’t argue. This will only make them agitated and upset. Try changing the situation or subject.

CareBIG is here to ensure people with dementia live the independent and dignified life they want. By choosing a carer with CareBIG it means you already have continuity of care which is really important for those living with symptoms and requiring dementia home care. Seeing the same friendly face every day puts people at ease. The carer will get to know a person’s routine and how they like things done and where everything goes. These things may seem small, but the more a carer knows and understands these, the more they can keep things familiar.

What can a CareBIG carer do to help your family?

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