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Getting carer work with CareBIG means you are in control. You decide which jobs to accept and reject to suit your schedule. This way you can make caring for others work for you. It’s about you choosing who you want to care for. We don’t send you to clients, you choose them because we think this makes for a better relationship between you and the care seeker.

We are passionate about improving pay rates for carers. You are amazing people and you deserve more recognition and fair pay for what you do. That’s why we don’t allow carers to set their hourly rate at less than £10 per hour.

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Just some of the benefits

No more rushed care visits

Those who need home care are not boxes to be ticked. It’s not just about completing each task and quickly rushing out the door. We insist on minimum visits of 1 hour because we think people need time to sometimes sit and talk or maybe something unexpected has happened that needs some extra time.

Work locally

CareBIG helps you to connect with local care seekers so you can keep travelling to a minimum. This means more time caring and less time stuck in traffic between client visits.

Build a name for yourself

Build positive reviews on your profile which will help you attract more clients. The CareBIG system means care is transparent so your best efforts are rewarded with the potential of more bookings.

Enjoy your work!

No rushing, working locally and lots of positivity helps to create a much nicer working environment for our carers. Less stress means you arrive happier and ready to give your best.