The CareBIG homecare values are really important to us. We all have values. These are the principles which guide our behaviours and decision making and determine our priorities and reactions.

We spent a long time looking at what values were important to us as individuals and as an organisation. How we can improve daily living standards and the quality of life of our users before finally settling on our core values.

Dignity & respect

At CareBIG, we think everyone should provide dignity and respect in their care role. It should be at the forefront of their thinking and more importantly their actions.


CareBIG is a new concept to the care industry. We encourage people to join the CareBIG team with fresh ideas on how to offer better care services.


Carers have the flexibility to choose their own rate, hours and the jobs they take. Care seekers and their family members have a big say in the care they receive which is how we think it should be.


At CareBIG we are passionate about helping care seekers find the best carer for them and about improving working conditions for carers. Everyone needs to be happy for it to work.

Why are they important?

Our values help explain to CareBIG users what we think is important and help us to make decisions, we look for carers who share our values so we can be confident they make the right decisions in any set of circumstances.

How we test our carer’s values?

We have created a values based selection process as recommended by Skills for Care whereby we interview each carer face to face and ask them questions designed to determine their values. For example one of our core values is “empowerment”. We ask questions about how they would react in certain situations. If they show they want to empower rather than take over, they will show themselves to be aligned with our value.

How do they benefit careseekers?

All carers are different but they all share our values.

They’ve all scored highly in our interviews and shown themselves to have dignity and respect, innovation, empowerment and passion at the heart of how they think and behave.