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Care Home vs Specialist Home Care
Ask anyone where they want to end up and overwhelmingly we want to remain at home. This is hardly surprising since throughout life, home is often a place we have built over many years, where we have our fondest memories with friends and family surrounded by things and photos that make us happy. When something happens in life that makes us scared, or unhappy, or hurt, our default reaction is to want to go home.

Hourly care or Live In.

One option is to choose high quality specialist home care like the carers on the CareBIG website. This allow those receiving their nursing care to live at home independently, for longer. You can choose hourly specialist care or a 24 hour live-in carer for those with more intensive personal care needs. Hourly caregivers can provide additional support to those more than capable of looking after themselves but just need some extra help along the way. This might mean assistance with meal preparation or being accompanied to appointments, doing the washing or tidying or just some companionship to talk and laugh with someone.

Live in carers live in your home with you 24/7 for a period of time and are on hand to help with anything and everything night and day. This can bring added peace of mind to know someone is always with you or a loved one.

The benefits of specialist home care over a care home are:
- You keep the social contact of friends, family and neighbours in the community in which you already live. Not to forget loved ones pets can also stay with you.
- You’ll stay close to what is familiar to you and this is really important especially to those who need continuity of care. Familiarity is especially important to those affected by dementia, where strange environments can add to stress and anxiety.
- You retain full control over the care and support you receive. Home care services are flexible are adaptable to an individual’s particular needs which can change over time.
- Care homes can be prohibitively expensive especially for couples.

Care home costs

A report by Laing and Buisson (2013/14) average care home costs in the UK are:
- £29,270 per year for a residential care home,
- £39,300 per year if nursing is required.
Trips out, hairdressing and other many other activities are considered extras and are paid for separately.

Home care costs

Traditional homecare agencies can charge £15-20+ for hourly care depending on where you are in the UK and the day of the week. Those who require care really struggle to afford this. You don’t get to choose your carer they are sent to your house by the agency depending on who is close to your home at the required times.

At CareBIG, hourly care starts at £10 per hour and that all goes to the carer because CareBIG is currently free to use. You can use CareBIG to find your perfect carer and they will invoice you direct for their time at the end of each week at the rate pre-agreed by yourselves. This is much cheaper than using an agency who typically charge £18ph and only pay the carer minimum wage rates. So with CareBIG, you pay less but carers earn more.

Cost is not the only benefit of finding your own specialist home care through our online platform. You get to choose the right carer for you and your family by looking through the carer profiles. It’s your home, your care so we think you should care who helps you to remain independent. We only accept around one in ten of all carer applicants you can be sure each carer has the values we look for when deciding who meets our expectations. They are all in care for the right reasons, they are passionate about what they do and they want to help their clients live as independently as possible. If you want to find the best local carers at an affordable price, use CareBIG.