Don’t Give Up Your Care Related New Years Resolutions

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It’s that time of year again! We’ve all made our new year’s resolutions and now we’re breaking them.  We bet yours were all of the usual ones just like ours were. Lose weight. Eat better. Sleep more. Spend more time with family. Read more books. But we made some extra ones this year. We decided to dedicate our lives to … Read More

Change Lives. Befriend the Lonely

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I am extraordinarily lucky; my grandparents are still alive and, because of step parentage, I have actually picked up a few extra grandparents along the way. My grandparents are lucky too, they have been bestowed with lots and lots of grandchildren. One set even have several great grandchildren. When you’re in this situation it can be difficult to imagine that … Read More

6 Reasons You Should Become a Self-Employed Caregiver

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Care homes are amazing, but they aren’t for everyone. Likewise, agency carers are tired of earning the minimum wage whilst their employers charge £15+ per hour for their services. Expecting them to squeeze an unrealistic number of client visits into their day. Many of them find they came to social care for the right reasons but now find themselves part … Read More