Advantages of a using a self-employed carer

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Advantages of a using a self-employed carer

Choosing the right care option for yourself or a loved one can be confusing. You may be considering home care or a care home. If you are looking at home care you can either approach a typical home care agency or seek the services of self-employed carers.

Self-employed carers work for themselves. They might have several clients who they visit throughout the day or ‘live-in’ offering round the clock one on one support. They might specialise in dementia or end of life care or just provide basic companionship and help to remain independent at home.

There are no differences between a self-employed carer and an agency carer in terms of their skills and experience. In fact some carers work for agencies and support their own private clients in their own time in a self-employed capacity. CareBIG helps self employed carers find clients in this way. There are advantages of dealing with self-employed carers in this way.

You get to choose your own carer

You are in control of who comes into your home and who looks after you or your loved one. It means you can build up a stronger working relationship with your carefully selected carers. They will get to know you better and how you like things done. They are encouraged to always turn up on time and give their best otherwise you can change for a carer that does. Likewise they get to choose you. No one forces them to accept or reject new clients. You know from the start that both parties are happy. We think this makes more sense.

It’s cheaper than an agency

Traditional home care agencies often charge £18+ per hour and a lot more at weekends yet they pay carers the minimum wage. Paying for agency carers is beyond the reach of many people as the cost is prohibitive. Yet speak to the agency carers and they complain they cannot afford to stay in the job because the pay is so little. So where does the money go? The answer is agencies have large overheads and also like to make large profits. Connecting with self-employed carers through an introductory platform like CareBIG is up to 40% cheaper yet carers earn significantly more. This means you can afford to pay for more hours of care or other essentials.

It’s better for you and better for carers

Agency carers get paid minimum wage rates and yet are expected to visit large numbers of clients every day. This means they are rushing and their care visits become tick box exercises, before rushing to the next client. They often arrive late and stressed. They got into care for all the right reasons but the way agencies operate simply means they can’t give their best. That’s often why they decide to become self-employed. They can manage their own schedule and have longer care visits and really take time with their clients. This is better for everyone who needs their services. There is no agency just thinking about profits saying like it or lump it, charging sky high prices and paying poor rates.

Why CareBIG?

We hand select all the self-employed carers who have a profile on our site. Each one chosen for their excellent interpersonal skills and ability to provide fantastic care to you or your loved one. When you choose a home caregiver from CareBIG, you get someone we honestly believe has your best interest at heart.