6 Reasons You Should Become a Self-Employed Caregiver

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Care homes are amazing, but they aren’t for everyone. Likewise, agency carers are tired of earning the minimum wage whilst their employers charge £15+ per hour for their services. Expecting them to squeeze an unrealistic number of client visits into their day. Many of them find they came to social care for the right reasons but now find themselves part of some money making machine.

Long hours, difficult working environments and struggling pay rates mean that many people are looking for a smarter way to do the job they love. Some are turning to self-employment, which has many great benefits. Here are some of them.

  • Fit your work around your lifestyle by setting your own hours and rates

With standard care work your hours and rate-of-pay are set from the moment you begin your job. Being self-employed allows you to have a say in which hours and days you work. You can set your own rates, too, and fit your work hours around your hobbies and lifestyle.

  • Greater choice of clientele:

If you’re self employed you can decide who you want to work with. You can regularly assess if you’re comfortable working with an individual and in their environment, or if their care needs match your own capabilities. If they don’t then you have the power to find alternative clients who are better suited to your care style.

  • Decide how much you want your self employment to grow

Self-employed carers can decide to add or reduce their work as they go. Saving for a home or a holiday? Increase your clients. Want to spend more time with the kids? Decrease them.

  • You can focus on a certain type of care

Are you happier working with people with a certain disability or condition? Maybe you specialise in one of these areas? If you’re a self-employed carer then you can choose to take care of individuals with needs you have the most experience with.

  • The government will help you if you’re self employed

There is a range of assistance the government can offer you when you are self employed, including help with council tax benefit, housing benefit, jobseekers allowance (if you are working less than 16 hours), child tax credit and working tax credit.

You can also claim tax back against the use of your car and petrol.

  • No more rushing between appointments

When we speak to home care assistants a common complaint is a lack of time between appointments to allow for suitable travel time between locations. You won’t have to worry about this if you work for yourself, because you can set your own appointments. No more panicking.

If you’re interested in becoming a self-employed carer we would love to talk to you. Why not come in and meet our team and we can talk you through how to get started? Email [email protected]